Medical Students


Rotations in Family Medicine at Dr. Olivo Medical and Wellness Centers

My clinical experience at Olivo Medical and Wellness Center was excellent and enriching. It is a busy plush clinic open from Monday through Saturday. Dr.Jacqueline Olivo is very patient, kind and has an engaging personality and teaching style. She gives students a hands-on clinical experience not only to independently consult the patients, do the physical examinations but also to do minor procedures like incision and drainage, removal of moles, skin tags and Pap smear. We had weekly power point presentations where we discussed cases. We were also taught to use the Electronic Medical Records. She is a great mentor and a highly qualified and experienced physician who always gave attention to detail.  This outpatient rotation offers to practice one`s skills and experience. Nicole Markovich, nurse practitioner is warm, compassionate and builds a great rapport with the students. She is highly experienced, knowledgeable and is always ready to teach. Dr. Ella Ostrovskaya, podiatrist is very inspirational who gets her students to believe in and to be motivated to become lifelong learners. The other staff are very helpful and friendly as well. I value this opportunity as it has not only helped me understand the importance of Preventive Medicine but also hone my clinical and relationship building skills which will prepare me for a successful career in Family Medicine. 

Dr. Anisha Daxini (IMG)